My Inner Adolescent

Stacy’s a big ole baby and Devon has a chance!

***Show Notes***

14 tips for eating out

  1. Read menu before you go

  2. Drink water before and during

  3. Have a healthy snack before (like an apple)

  4. Order an appetizer instead of entree

  5. Have a coffee instead of dessert

  6. Pick veggies or salad as side

  7. Share or ask server to wrap half

  8. Pick tomato based sauces not creamy

  9. Don’t assume a health claim is low cal (like Gluten free does not = low cal)

  10. Agave Nectar is the same as regular sugar

  11. Refuse bread basket

  12. Order sauces on side

  13. Plate cover is 1/2 veg, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carb

  14. Start with a salad

Stacy Hacker